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MySQL Admin/Dev wanted

I have just accepted a position with Lycos as Principle Software Engineer, which I'm very excited about and will write about in a later post on this blog.

More immediate is the need to find someone to replace me at Grazr. I want to find them a well-qualified person. Some of the requirements are:

5+ Years with:

* Perl, mod_perl development, Perl OO, DBI
* Developing web applications with MySQL
* SQL -- and this means more than 'select * from foo'
* MySQL Administration
* Knowledge of good schema design
* Apache
* Linux Administration

Other needs:

* Sphinx Search Engine
* Memcached
* Familiarity with Nagios
* Understand different MySQL storage engines
* Familiarity with MySQL UDFs (I have a few I wrote at Grazr that someone will have to figure out)
* Any other MySQL monitoring tools (Cacti, etc)

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