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A script snippet to relative-ize numbers embedded in text

A lot of times I’m looking at several time-series samples of numbers embedded in free-form text, and I want to know how the numbers change over time. For example, two samples of SHOW INNODB STATUS piped through grep wait might contain the following:

Mutex spin waits 0, rounds 143359179688, OS waits 634106844
RW-shared spins 1224152309, OS waits 38278807; RW-excl spins 2432166425, OS waits 35264871
Mutex spin waits 0, rounds 143386303439, OS waits 634292093
RW-shared spins 1224197048, OS waits 38281423; RW-excl spins 2432347936, OS waits 35271423

How much have the numbers changed in the second sample? My head is too lazy to do that math. So Daniel Nichter and I whipped up Yet Another Snippet to self-discover patterns of text and numbers, and compare each line against the previous line that matches the same pattern. Let’s fetch it:

wget  …
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Maatkit version 2325 released

Download Maatkit

There’s a new release with a lot of goodies — speed, efficiency, user-friendliness, and new features. In particular some of Percona’s clients have sponsored features for things they need such as the ability to more frequently verify that slaves are in sync with their masters. If you need features, please ask Percona [...]

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