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Exam Preparation Final: MySQL Cloud Service 2018 [1Z0-320]

In my preview blog posts, I have written about this exam topics and this blog post will cover remaining topics.

Let start with it,

MySQL Security

This MySQL Security section covers general MySQL server inbuild option plus enterprise tools offered by MySQL enterprise edition.

  • Execute MySQL Authorization and Privilege Management

Reference doc: MySQL privilege and access control

  • Manage MySQL Password Policies

Explore for password_validation plugin and Password Expiration policies for MySQL USER.

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MCDBA Certification – KPIs

A few interesting KPIs about certified people and their current location (the fact that many people travel from one country to the other for work is very popular these days especially in the IT sector): Before starting to read, I am hereby assuming the MySQL list of MCDBAs is on a residence basis not citizenship. There are [...]

Volunteer to develop with the next generation of DBA exams

The next generation of MySQL DBA exams are going to be performance based tests (PBT) or 'Hands on'. A candidate will have a series of tasks to be performed, a virtual server, and a time limit. The tasks are going to be based on the usual tasks performed by a Database Administrator. For instance, a candidate will get a list of user accounts that need to be added, updated, or deleted and will be graded on how well they meet the objectives.

I have already asked my fellow MySQL employees to review the tasks but I would like to have some input from the public. Following the Open Source dictum of the more eyeballs looking at a problem will provide better products, I would like to get some of you to look at the proposed tasks and give me your comments.

In the past there have been complaints on questions being too syntax specific, too picky, and asking for too obscure knowledge. This is a chance to help make sure that the exam …

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