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The XLDB4 Conference for Very Large Databases

Ronald saved me a post by giving his feedback on a few Oracle conferences that now have MySQL content.

My opinion is pretty much a summary of Ronald’s post, so I won’t repeat it here. Instead, I’ll post about a conference he did not, the 4th Extremely Large Databases Conference. I am particularly interested in any MySQL folks planning to attend (I would expect Tokutek to be represented, and maybe even the Calpont folks).

Most of this is directly from an e-mail I received from Jacek Becla, who had a keynote at the 2008 MySQL User Conference and Expo. If you also received this e-mail, please feel free to skip …

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30 terabyte per night

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is making news once more. Its projected data inflow of 30 Terabyte per night has caught to the imagination of slashdot readers. Why is this interesting? Because it was not news to me.

You may recall that I was enthusiast about a Astronomy, Petabytes, and MySQL at the MySQL Users Conference 2008, and with reason. The engineers at Stanford have a plan of storing petabytes of data into a cluster of MySQL databases.
The technical …

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How To Find Out The Number Of Videos On Youtube

According to Wikipedia, in April 2008, the number of videos on Youtube was 83.4 million (ref: However, the link in the cite note now displays “*†video results 1 – 20 of millions, without showing the real count.

Here's one way I found to get an estimated, but relatively accurate, number of videos on the popular video sharing site Youtube. The idea is simple. Get this feed:* and parse out the number inside the <opensearch:totalresults> tag.

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