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Building a data warehouse on a budget with MySQL 5.1

If there is one thing that a DBA or data warehouse architect can count on, it is that data volumes will increase while budgets will decrease.

This is why MySQL 5.1 and its partitioning capabilities are so interesting. I’m going to demonstrate how you can build a small/medium-sized data warehouse or data mart (1-10 TB range) on a shoe-string budget.

the mission

I decided to convert a relatively large statistics table (750m rows, 140GB in size in about 10 partitions) on a test machine from MyISAM to the Archive storage engine. After a long conversion process, my data, on disk, ended up being about 21GB, for an impressive compression ratio of 6.7:1.

Prior to MySQL 5.1, one of the drawbacks to the archive storage engine was that you could not index it; however, with partition pruning, you can get yourself a “free” index on a large archive table by splitting it into date-based chunks, whether by …

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