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As restoring a dump table into the MySQL master – you better get some sleep

Restoring a dump table into the MySQL master server can lead to serious replication delay. The massive inserts commands cause the Master and slaves to use most of their resources for replication. As a result, replication lag may increase dramatically (linear to the table size). To overcome the replication delay, caused by restoring the dump […]

Sleep Patterns

I've been going through one of my "rethink how I work" periods in the last couple of weeks. The purpose? Once again to see how organized I can get myself to be. You see, I am a list maker. I get up in the morning and write lists. If an idea comes to me, I write lists. I make a practice of letting myself through these away from time to time, but at any moment I can have several open that I am working on. For some reason writing things down tends to help. I think that I am effective list taker, but I suspect I could do better.

In the process of reading articles on "Getting Things Done", I ran across a couple of articles referring to UberSleep or as otherwise stated "Polyphasic Sleep". There are a couple more good links to the idea, where you can see one person's …

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