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MySQL 5.1 - Thread Pool Support

Since few weeks I was working on patching the MySQL 5.1 with libevent support to have thread pooling in server end as it is needed by few properties where they do not need a persistent connection and needed to scale server with thousands of connections as each call just does a simple query execution by connecting and disconnecting and pooling seemed to be a right choice.

When I brought this idea to Monty; he pointed me to 6.0 where it is in preliminary stage. Now I took the same design and implemented in 5.1 to be compatible with how its working in 6.0; and things so far seems to be running fine, except few misc glitches that am trying to solve now.

It uses the same thread_handling=one-thread-per-connection (default) and new thread_handling=pool_of_threads and thread_pool_size controls how many will be initialized and kept at the …

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