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6 Tips for a Smooth Zimbra Server Install

It may sound odd offering more Zimbra installation advice since there is a lot on the subject in other blogs, our documents, wiki and Forums. In fact, some quick research surfaced over 1.4 million hits for Zimbra server install on the web and 36,000 on the Zimbra site alone.

But we are also fortunate to have more new Zimbra users than ever, and after helping some trial customers recently, it …

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ZCS-to-ZCS Migrations

Someone in the forums recently asked about ways to migrate individual accounts from one ZCS instance to another, so thought I’d share the enlightenment with all. Whether you are going from an on-premise install to a hosting provider, want to create handy archives of old employee accounts, or just need to duplicate mailbox contents of a user; the syntax in this article proves remarkably useful, and applies to all editions.

There are a multitude of comparable RFE’s on addressing this need via different approaches. (Bugzilla entries 19630, 29573, 28443 & 30163 to name a few.) Some want graphical tools to browse …

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Admin Tools & Tidbits - Part 2

Part 1 covered Network Edition backup features, today’s snips apply to all editions.

First among the lesser known additions: We recently provided the possibility for a nice performance boost to some environments by adding the ability to turn on batched indexing in ZCS 5.0.3 (you can even fine tune it at the localconfig, COS, and account level). We’re not talking about when you re-index an entire account here, this is a change to the index-as-received model; now new items can sit in a ‘queue’ (really a ‘indexing deferred’ flag on the mail_items table of the pertaining mboxgroup database in MySQL) to run all at once when it reaches the zimbraBatchedIndexingSize threshold, saving you from all the tiny disk thrashing. It might not be …

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Recent Admin Tidbits - Part 1

Continuing our earlier advice to take backups frequently, and secure them offsite - thought we’d highlight a few recent administrator related things added to ZCS that you might not have noticed.

 Network Edition Backup Enhancements


Speaking of backups, there are some new ways to take them in ZCS 5.0.x. With ever larger quota usage, full backups can often take a while to run, and even incrementals which process the redologs may still be one heck of a job when you’re talking thousands or millions of accounts. Having trouble completing that entire full backup during off-hours? Enter the hybrid …

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