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SynchMan Rough Drafts

For those of you who were curious what the rough drafts of my Synchronization Manager articles look like, the link to the first article follows.

My server was down for the last 3 weeks. This brings me to about a 98% uptime. Woe.

But the good news is that I have put the drafts of the articles up for review here:

Synch Manager, part V article outline

Hey all,

Here is the rough outline for the upcoming Synchronization Manager article. I expect to have it fleshed out and ready for publication by the end of next week or shortly thereafter. Please give feedback if you see anything missing or are not interested in particular topics.


  • Concepts

    • Replication Units

      • Master Unit
      • Client Unit
      • Activating Replication Units

    • Message Server, msgserver
    • Synchronization Service, syncservice
    • Conflicts
    • Table name mapping
    • Master database …
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