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Did I mention I'm in Berlin?

I'm in Germany. Crazy.

I'm putting images up on my gallery page now, but it's slow going. It seems that I keep bringing down my co-worker's network whenever I push a lot of bandwidth over it.

I have not asked my co-worker if I can mention him on my blog yet, so I will not mention his name; But, I would like to publicly share my gratitude. He has been very kind and helped me find my way around his country very adeptly.

He suggested a very nice hotel for me, only moments from his office and home, was kind enough to invite me on an outing last weekend with his children to a local lake, keeps me hydrated (Have I mentioned how uhm... different Berlin water is than Washingtonian water?), lets me invade his network, and keeps me very well informed about MySQL, SAP and MaxDB.

I miss you all. Please comment so I have some sort of tenuous grip with home. I'm getting a little homesick.

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