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Notes from MySQL Cluster

Here is the quick notes from MySQL Cluster by Stewart Smith session that I attended today in the MySQL conference 2008.

  • What it is
    • Clustering of in memory databases in a shared-nothing system
    • Designed for HA, 99.9% Uptime (not really) and sub-second failover
    • Supports Hot (online) consistent backup along with compression
    • No locks are used during the backup as NDB uses a global counters
  • Think as virtual file system
  • Redundancy
    • NoOfReplicas (1,2,3,4), For production use 1 or 2 but don’t use any other as it may have bugs (2 is preferred and well tested mode)
    • 1 means no redundancy (a node fails and cluster fails)
    • 2 means two copies …
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