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PrimeBase Technologies - Day 1

Today I started my new job at PrimeBase Technologies. The company that has brought you the PBXT and Blob Streaming Pluggable Storage Engines for MySQL 5.1.

My move to Germany has gone mostly without incident and now I’m settling in to different weather, language and food, plus the change in time zones +6 hours.

A smaller company from my previous, but I’m part of a larger group then expected. One of 26 people in the office. It’s good to have a desk, a big monitor (and definitely not a German keyboard) and see and talk to people on various topics and interests in comparison to either past work at home by myself, or on a new customer site each week during my consulting days.

Preparations for the upcoming …

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Not Stuck

Contrary to my earlier April Fool’s Stuck - No country to call home I’m alive and well in Hamburg Germany with my new job at PrimeBase Technologies.

Thanks for those concerned MySQL souls that fell pray to my “Evil Genius” as Farhan called it.

Looking forward to seeing people at the MySQL User Conference in Santa Clara in two weeks.

Stuck - No country to call home

In a sense of ironic fate I’m officially stuck between countries. (I feel a little like Tom Hanks in one of his movies, need to find the name of it).

As part of my resignation from MySQL/SUN, I was required to leave the US within 10 days to satisfy visa requirements. I packed, stored, discarded and arrived at the airport with 2 suit-cases of belongings to leave one country - The US, and enter another - Germany.

I don’t require a visa to enter Germany, normally. However as I’m leaving the country permanently and relocating to Germany I do. So I can’t leave, but I also can’t stay (as I’m at 10 days)

This leaves me with little choices. I can’t work now in the US, I’ve violated my visa obligations for the future, even a career change won’t help me here. I may never be able to enter the US again. Seems my only option right now is to return to Australia ahead of plans.

Those hoping to see me at …

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