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Current project status – HSCALE

A lot of people keep asking me about the status of HSCALE so I thought it is best to just write about it.
Since I am waiting for the next GPL release of MySQL Proxy I concentrate on other things, both project-related and not project-related.

Continuous integration and test strategy enhancements

First of all there is a CI server up for almost 3 months now. Check out (Login as guest user). I also introduced a lint-process to discover bugs in my LUA code which arise mostly by mistyping variable names. By the way: You should definitely have a lint-like process in place if you are doing LUA programming or other languages of that type. It helps a lot.

What’s in svn trunk? Multiple backends

The current status is this: Spreading across multiple backends is fully …

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LuaSQL fetches results about 15% faster than MySQL Proxy?

While evaluating LuaSQL as backend connection replacement I came across this. I did a quick performance test using mysqlslap and it showed that just reading and copying the result can be significantly faster with LuaSQL.

Benchmark details

What I did was just sending the query to the backend and building up a new result-set in LUA.

This is the code for LuaSQL:

local _sqlEnv = assert(luasql.mysql())
local _con = nil

function read_auth(auth)
    local host, port = string.match(proxy.backends[1].address, "(.*):(.*)")
    – We explicitly connect to db "test" since mysqlslap …

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Version 0.3 of HSCALE is almost in the door

After working on build and test improvements (for example incorporating lualint and LuaCov) as well as other lua “side-projects” (i.e. Log4LUA) we are running towards HSCALE 0.3.

The focus of the forthcoming version 0.3 of HSCALE is Dictionary Based Partition Lookup. Using this partition lookup module lets you take full control over how your partitions are created and where they are actually located.

Update: Dictionary Based Partition Lookup is fully implemented. See this blog post and the wiki page about it.

Please note: Due to …

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More fun with LUA - Introducing Log4LUA

UPDATE Log4LUA 0.2 released. Go to the project page.

After the dust about backend connection handling in MySQL Proxy had settled, I begun working on other parts of HSCALE again. (I’ll return to the backend handling later after talking to Jan Kneschke about their plans.)

One of the issues that bothered me the most was logging. Until now I just had used a simple debug function that could be enabled or disabled using an environment variable. The pretty straightforward approach a lot of people use. But there is more to logging than to print debug messages. So I searched the web and of course I found …

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MySQL Proxy vs. HSCALE

Recently I added the first code to support multiple MySQL backends in HSCALE (see As a “side note” I have to thank Giuseppe Maxia for MySQL Sandbox which made multi server testing a bliss!

While coding this I started to feel that writing HSCALE on top of MySQL Proxy is no more as easy and clean as it started out to be. And finally I reached the point where I have to say:

HSCALE (and maybe other advanced multi-server applications) and (current) MySQL Proxy don’t fit very well.

Before I go into details please let me make clear that this is mostly due to the specific nature of MySQL Proxy being a connection and protocol based proxy. MySQL Proxy is great and there are a lot of cool applications that fit perfectly with it.

Aside from some other minor glitches (like …

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HSCALE 0.2 released and new project web page

The main focus of version 0.2 was to improve handling of almost all of SQL. So now you can issue DESC TABLE tbl_name or RENAME TABLE tbl_name TO another_tbl_name on a partitioned table and you get correct results for SHOW TABLES etc.
Other statements are rejected and we settled down for the feature set we want to provide for full partition scans.
In addition to that there are some performance improvements.

See the full list of changes.

For the next release (0.3) we focus on the dictionary based partition lookup module and further performance improvements.

Finally, there is a new project home page:

Update: Benchmark HSCALE with MySQL Proxy 0.7.0 (svn) against 0.6.1

Earlier today I posted these benchmark results testing HSCALE and MySQL Proxy performance.

As Jan Kneschke (the author of MySQL Proxy) pointed out there are quite some improvements in the current development version (svn trunk). So I gave revision 369 a try.

Tests were all the same as mentioned in my previous post. And indeed we see quite dramatic improvements. While the performance of the Lua script stayed almost the same the footprint of the proxy itself sank to only 50 to 65%. Here are the numbers:

Version / Concurrency MySQL MySQL Proxy Empty Lua Tokenizer QueryAnalyzer HSCALE w/o partitions HSCALE w/ partitions
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Benchmark MySQL Proxy and HSCALE

As part of developing HSCALE, a partitioning / sharding solution, I set up a benchmark test suite. I made it scripted and thus repeatable to monitor the progress and performance regressions during the development.

Test Suite

The test suite uses mysqlslap to benchmark the overhead of MySQL Proxy itself in real life scenario as well as the different components of HSCALE – query analyzing and query rewriting. The complete test suite is available in the svn trunk at under hscale/test/performance/mysqlslap. There you find a build.xml – an Ant buildfile that is used to set up the …

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Presentation Slides: Introduction to HSCALE

No, these slides are not fresh from the User Conference in Santa Clara… ?

Today, I held a presentation in front of all developers and support engineers of our technical department about database partitioning, MySQL Proxy, HSCALE and the progress we are making.

Download the presentation slides here.

HSCALE 0.1 released – Partitioning Using MySQL Proxy

As written here and here I’ve been working on a MySQL Proxy Lua module that transparently splits up tables into multiple partitions and rewriting all queries to go to the right partition.

I finally got everything together to release a 0.1 version. Go on and download, try and read more about HSCALE 0.1.

All this started out as a prototype just to see if it could be done. And after adopting parts of our main product to use partitions via HSCALE + MySQL Proxy (which was an easy task, we just had to rewrite a few out of hundreds of statements) I really think that this could work out in a larger scale.

What Will Come Next?

Just a …

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