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Scale Out Your MySQL NDB Cluster In Few Easy Steps ...

In this blog, we will discuss about how to scale out MySQL NDB Cluster in few easy steps. The use cases could be, when user business applications demand massive expansion and the existing cluster may not able to handle the request in that case a cluster scaling is needed. This is an online procedure i.e. zero cluster downtime so that user’s business won’t affect while this scaling process is going on.

In the below demo, we will see, how to scale from a 4 nodes cluster to 8 nodes cluster while transactions are going on.

Let’s create a MySQL NDB Cluster with the following environment.

  • MySQL NDB Cluster version (Latest GA version)
  • 1 Management node
  • 4 Data nodes
  • 1 MySQLDs
  • Configuration slots for up to 4 additional API nodes

Step 1: Let's start the Cluster

Let’s start a 4 nodes cluster.

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