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Appliance Affinity: Why Appliance Vendors are Buying the Kickfire Appliance

The demand for high-tech appliances has been on the rise in the last few years. Their benefits — including high performance, low TCO, rapid time-to-value, and ease of use — have driven adoption in a variety of industries from data warehousing to network and security management, storage, retail, telephony and so on. As the analyst firm, Forrester, noted in a 2008 report:

“Appliances - in all their proliferation - are here to stay and are moving into the mainstream of computing and networking”

It turns out that the database of preference for a growing number of appliance vendors is MySQL. As noted on its appliance page, MySQL’s benefits of low TCO, ease of use, and rapid time-to-value map well to the requirements of appliance offerings.

As appliance markets have matured and competition has increased, there …

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Data Warehousing - The Next Step for MySQL

MySQL excels as a strong solution for web-based solutions. MySQL’s extremely fast read rates and ability to scale horizontally with replication makes MySQL a popular low cost of ownership platform for web-based applications. The next area I expect MySQL to encounter significant growth is in the data warehousing market. MySQL’s fast reads and horizontal scalability makes it a strong

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