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How to check MySQL replication integrity continually

I have recently added some features to Maatkit’s mk-table-checksum tool that can make it easy to checksum the relevant parts of your data more frequently (i.e. continually, but not continuously). This in turn makes it possible for you to find out much sooner if a slave becomes different from its master, and then you [...]

A very fast FNV hash function for MySQL

I wrote a User-Defined Function that implements the FNV (Fowler-Voll-No) hash function for MySQL. I’m not the first person to do this — in fact, I was inspired by the Google patches for MySQL. But my implementation is a little bit different from most, in a very important way that leads directly to much higher performance, especially suited for the Maatkit tools.

A bit of background: FNV hashing is a very fast hash algorithm that operates in fixed memory. It is widely used in lots of important areas in computer science. My implementation requires absolutely no malloc() calls, which is a darn good thing because I am not to be trusted with malloc(), having spent too …

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