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Quarantine Journey: Writing MySQL Proxy in GO for self-learning: Part 1 — TCP Proxy

Writing MySQL Proxy in GO for self-learning: Part 1 — TCP Proxy

Weekend. Quarantine. If you bored like me, and want to learn something new, you can join my journey of writing yet another MySQL Proxy Server.

In the past, I had a crazy idea of writing MySQL Proxy Server. The first reason was to understand the MySQL Communication Protocol to let me write more efficient programs. The second one was to learn more about low-level network programming concepts in general. Finally, I have time at least to start… and you can join me!

The real usage of MySQL Proxy can vary:

  • Testing and benchmarking of the infrastructure
  • Testing your applications for dealing with MySQL network failures and delays
  • Wrap the MySQL usage with own business layer
  • Load balancing
  • Multiplexing


I’m not sure if I can …

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