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Check Constraints Issues

Earlier I wrote about check constraints when MySQL 8.0.16 was released. But this week I noticed two different folks having similar problems with them. And sadly it is 'pilot error'.

The first was labeled  MYSQL 8.0.17 CHECK not working even though it has been implemented and a cursory glance may make one wonder what is going on with the database.

The table is set up with two constraints. And old timers will probably mutter something under their breath about using ENUMs but here they are:

 JOB_TITLE varchar(20) CHECK(JOB_TITLE IN ('Lecturer', 'Professor', 'Asst. Professor', 'Sr. Lecturer')),  

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MySQL 8.0.16 Check Constraints

Before MySQL 8.0.16 you could put constraint checks into your Data Definition Language (DDL) when creating tables but the server ignored them.  There was much gnashing of teeth as taunts of "It is not a real database" from other databases taunted the MySQL Community. 
But with 8.0.16 this has all changed. You can now have your data constraints checked by the server. Below is an example table with two constraints.

mysql>CREATE TABLE parts 
            (id int, cost decimal(5,2) not null check (cost > 0),
             price decimal(5,2) not null check (price > 1.0)
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.09 sec)

mysql> insert into parts (id,cost,price) values …

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