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2012 MySQL Council – Candidate Slate!

As a member of the MySQL Community, you already know how important it is to have the ability to advocate the needs of users and to share feedback on how to keep growing the function and performance of the database. The IOUG is committed to supporting the MySQL community and maintaining the MySQL database, and we are pleased to announce the slate of candidates for the 2012 MySQL Council!

First Name Last Name Title Company Country
Alexandre Almeida CTO HTI Tecnologia Brazil
Sheeri Cabral DBA/Architect
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A Virtual MySQL Users Group

This is a cross-post of something I just put up on Google+. My username on G+ is Keith Murphy. If you are interested please search me out on G+ and comment on the post.  Thanks!! km


I have an idea that I wanted to see if there would be interested people who would like to pursue it. One of things I love to do is participate in MySQL Users groups. When I had the chance I was able to go to user groups in various places I have lived or been. However, my home for a long time has been in an area that isn't heavily populated so there is no actual user groups closer than six hours drive away. I did attempt to start a user group in the nearest city several years ago but it didn't get off the ground.

Anyways, I have been using G+ for some months now and I would like to expand my professional usage of it. One of the great new features that Google added recently was "hangouts". If you don't know …

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MySQL March Boston User Group + MySQL/Sun Mashup World Tour

In summary: Who: you, me, MySQL/Sun What: MySQL User Group with free swag, food, and a short workshop to boot. When: 7-9 pm, Monday March 10th Where: MIT Building E-51, room 372 Why: why the heck not! Because Sun just bought MySQL, and because there’s a user group each month. How: RSVP optional but requested [...]

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