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A Virtual MySQL Users Group

This is a cross-post of something I just put up on Google+. My username on G+ is Keith Murphy. If you are interested please search me out on G+ and comment on the post.  Thanks!! km


I have an idea that I wanted to see if there would be interested people who would like to pursue it. One of things I love to do is participate in MySQL Users groups. When I had the chance I was able to go to user groups in various places I have lived or been. However, my home for a long time has been in an area that isn't heavily populated so there is no actual user groups closer than six hours drive away. I did attempt to start a user group in the nearest city several years ago but it didn't get off the ground.

Anyways, I have been using G+ for some months now and I would like to expand my professional usage of it. One of the great new features that Google added recently was "hangouts". If you don't know …

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