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Simple KeepaliveD set up

So keepalived has been around for quite a while now .... however it is still a mystery to many.
So this is a very simple example of how keepalived can work with MySQL. Hopefully, this can help those with questions.

We will have a Simple master to slave set up. Meaning.. we write to one unless we have failover to the second for some event.

1st - install keepalived

# yum search keepalived keepalived.x86_64 : Load balancer and high availability service
  Name and summary matches only, use "search all" for everything. # yum -y install keepalived
You should now have an config file 
# ls -ltr /etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf 
Keep the original as you always backup .. right.... # cp /etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf /etc/keepalived/keepalived.conf.orig
So you need to figure out an ipaddress you can use for your virtual …

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