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Arduino to the max: 11x11x11 LED-cube

March 29 2014 is Arduino day, also in Labitat. This is a good opportunity to describe my LED-cube:


This LED-cube pulls a number of tricks to get the most out of just a single normal Arduino Uno. A meager 16 MHz and 2048 bytes of RAM goes a long way with sufficient ingenuity and creativity. Here are some highlights:

  • 12-bit PWM, 16 grayscales non-linear.
  • Animations generated on-board, read from SD-card, or streamed over USB.
  • 178 Hz refresh rate, transferring 3 Mbits/s of data to the LED driver shift registers.
  • 50 Hz animation framerate, receiving 269kbit/s of animation data over the serial port.
  • Approximately half of spare CPU time available for on-board generation of …
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