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MySQL at the MEvents in Milan - Tue 29 Jan 2008

Good location and very good presentations from our partners Magirus and Red Hat, in Milan last week.

Giuseppe Paterno', Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat (here is Giuseppe's web site, in Italian) has delivered a great presentation on the new features of RH 5.1. I think that the new virtualization features, now included in 5.1, will attract the interest of many Red Hat and MySQL users. There has been a long debate whether DB servers should stay away from virtualization or they should get the big advantage of the availability and the flexibility that a virtualised environment can provide. I think that para-virtualization may be a good compromise between a thick virtualized layer and a non-virtualized environment: it's more predictable, less intrusive and it can provide all the flexibility required for a DB server. More information on virtualization and on the new features of RHEL …

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