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Introduction to ADO.NET

ADO.NET is a part of .NET Framework that provides access to different types of data sources. ADO.NET supports relational, XML and application data. ADO.NET resides in a layer between data sources and client applications and enables customers to retrieve, manipulate and update data through ADO.NET object model. ADO.NET architecture ADO.NET was introduced in the 10th […]

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Support for New Data Types and Other Improvements in dotConnect for MySQL 8.21

The new version of Devart dotConnect for MySQL contains significant improvements in Entity Framework Core support. We supported new data types Uri, IPAddress, PhysicalAddress and expanded the capabilities for translating LINQ queries into SQL. Besides, we improved support for working with JSON in LINQ queries for EF6. Uri data type mapping For Entity Framework Core 3, 5, and 6, dotConnect for MySQL now supports mapping the internet/intranet System.Uri type to Oracle […]

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Entity Framework 6.3 and .NET Core 3 Support

.NET Core 3 .NET Core was presented by Microsoft in 2016, but its 1.x versions had limited set of features comparing to Full .NET Framework. Since then .NET Core has been drastically improved. .NET Core 2.0 has a significant part of Full .NET Framework features and includes new functionality and significant performance optimizations. This year, […]

MySQL 8.0 support in dotConnect for MySQL 8.12

We are glad to announce the release of dotConnect for MySQL 8.12 — a powerful ADO.NET provider for MySQL with advanced support for Entity Framework, Entity Framework Core, and LinqConnect ORMs. The new version of dotConnect for MySQL features MySQL 8.0 support. We have supported the new default MySQL authentication plugin – caching_sha2_password. The list […]

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