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How to split MySQL/MariaDB datadir to multiple mount points

If you are going to be using InnoDB tables and if you plan to have innodb_file_per_table enabled, then your best option would probably be to use the CREATE TABLE statement’s “DATA DIRECTORY” option, so that you can place a table outside the data directory.
From the MySQL documentation:


For InnoDB, the DATA DIRECTORY=’directory’ option allows you to create InnoDB file-per-table tablespaces outside the MySQL data directory. Within the directory that you specify, MySQL creates a subdirectory corresponding to the database name, and within that a .ibd file for the table. The innodb_file_per_table configuration option must be enabled to use the DATA DIRECTORY option with InnoDB. The full directory path must be specified. See Section 14.7.5, “Creating File-Per-Table Tablespaces Outside the Data Directory” for more information.

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