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New job as MySQL Community Manager, North America

As of today I am the MySQL Community Manager for North America. Part of the job description is work as part of a team that acts as the central resource and driving force for the design, process, manufacturing, test, quality and marketing of products(s) as they move from conception to distribution. So, you now have a focal point (me) to get your ideas into MySQL.

So help me gather and analyze information to define product specifications to move MySQL forward.

New OpenSUSE Community Manager - Joe Brockmeier

Apparently the role of community managers is one of the coolest jobs around. Jono Bacon’s one for Ubuntu, and Jeff Waugh did an awesome job before that. Jay Pipes does a nice job for MySQL. Dawn Foster is the community manager that "powers" community managers at Jive Software who makes wicked-cool collaborative software. 

Glyn penned an article about the proliferation of community managers. In his article he mentions …

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