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“Quick issue detection and excellent customer support”: Stefan Schiele

Stefan Schiele, CEO, SCT Schiele talks about how Monyog helped them run mission-critical applications smoothly and without errors.

SCT Schiele are specialists in e-commerce solutions in the B2B market. The company provides deep integrations into the merchandise business, thus enabling large clientele to increase their e-commerce revenue.

Enabling e-commerce

Today, every customer expects the websites to load faster and applications to run without lag.  When your applications perform poorly, your customers notice immediately. As Stefan Schiele puts it – “Nowadays everyone expects e-commerce systems to be available 24/7. Without continuous monitoring, this is simply unachievable.”

SCT Schiele data centre has a number of own production servers and servers on which their customers run & operate services; the company currently uses Oracle, InterSystems Caché, MySQL and MariaDB databases. …

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