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Play Action Fake

I host a MySQL server for use by the Falcon team, and this requires business class broadband service.

Comcast Business Services support has been consistently stellar. Network or line problems are addressed within the same day, and I always get straight through to a knowledgeable person when I call support.

Recently, the coax connector on the cable modem/router snapped loose. I called Business Services, and within two hours a replacement router sat on my desk. I configured the device and called to have them enable it on their network. I got right through."This is Ron. How may I help you?"Twentysomething, confident in tone. A good sign.
"Hi Ron. This is Chris. I just configured a replacement router and need to have it enabled on your network."
Hard stop.
"That is not a router. It …

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Mail Filters Are Apolitical

Recently Digg linked to an article titled ‘Comcast Caught Filtering Political E-Mails‘.

The short version is that an online special interest group noticed that they were having issues with mail not being delivered when sent to Comcast addresses. They then worked their way though the Comcast abuse department to finally find that Symantec’s Brightmail was filtering on their domain name and identifying all their messages as spam. The cause for the block? 46,000 complaints filed against messages that contained the domain name of the special interest group. Symantec, once contacted was quick to remove the domain from its filters.

There’s a few lessons to be learned here about filtering and deliverability, first let’s look at …

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