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Good news fellow DBAs; adding to the already packed list of RSS/Atom aggregation sites out there on the internet, there is a new site catering to DBAs called Relationalnews. Feel free to add your feed(s) for aggregation, because what else do bloggers want but more visibility to search engines, right? This was basically a coding project to get familiar with CodeIgnitor as well as RSS and Atom xml feed processing in PHP. Pretty simple looking back on it, and it was generally a fun project.I’ll probably add more features to the site at a later time, with free time being what it is…So read the news! 

SQLite table to read Atom feeds

Ah, Christmas Holidays! Time to take a break from the daily chores... to spend some time with family... but also time to catch up on reading and spend some hours on some fun hacking.

When catching up on my reading of Dr. Dobb's Journal, I came across an interesting article by Michael Owens about writing virtual tables for SQLite, which got me thinking about a small hack I've wanted to do for a while: a table that reads an RSS/Atom feed and presents the data to the query engine. Originally, I was planning to implement this as a MySQL

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