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Suddenly I Tee .. or how to log your mysql shell output to a log file

A lot of you may already know this, but I am willing to bet there are more that don’t. I’m talking about the tee command in the bash shell, and in MySQL. For our purposes, we’ll talk about the tee command in MySQL.

Problem: You have a series of SQL statements whose results take up a few screens worth of output, and you need to take this output and send it to someone else (A DBA, MySQL Support, your mentor). You could just do a copy/paste from your terminal, but what if you realized in the end that your scroll back buffer isn’t as large as you thought it was?

Solution: Tee. Apparently, the mysql client comes with tee.

mysqlshell> tee mysqlog.sql ;
Logging to file ‘mysqlog.sql’
use dbname;
select foo from bar;
mysqlshell> notee;

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