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Comparing Databases with mysqldbcompare

If you have two or more database servers containing the same data, how do you know if the objects are identical. Furthermore, how can you be sure the data is the same on all of the servers? What is needed is a way to determine if the databases are in synch - all objects are present, the object definitions are the same, and the tables contain the same data. Synchronizing data can become a nightmare without the proper tools to quickly identify differences among objects and data in two databases. Perhaps a worst case (and more daunting) is trying find data that you suspect may be different but you don’t have any way of finding out.

This is where the new 'mysqldbcompare' utility comes in handy. The mysqldbcompare utility uses the mysqldiff functionality (mysqldiff allows you to find the differences in object definitions for two objects or a list of objects in two databases) and permits you to compare the object definitions and the data …

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