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Get ready for the MySQL University lecture on Lua

On December 13 (it means today for most of the readers) at 15:00 CET (14:00 UTC), the MySQL University lecture on Lua will start.
The topic is quite extensive. Even though the lecture is limited to using Lua with MySQL Proxy, yet there is a lot of ground to cover. During a rehearsal session last week, I realized that the whole matter would need much more than one hour if I describe in detail all the introductory material that I originally planned.
So I will reduce the time dedicated to MySQL Proxy architecture, which you can look on your own by reading Getting started with MySQL Proxy. I will cover this matter only briefly during the lecture, so if you know some background, you’ll enjoy the lecture even more.

If you are new to MySQL University lessons, …

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Falcon serendipitous performance findings

While researching partitioning performance (expect an article about this topic soon) I come across the news that the Falcon team has released a Falcon Feature Preview with the latest implementation.
The test I was running was based on 9 server instances , using different combinations of MyISAM, InnoDB, and Archive, with and without partitions.
Since I was at it, I quickly added three instances of MySQL 6.0.4 with Falcon (MySQL Sandbox is really handy in these cases) and added Falcon to the test bench.
As I expected, partitioned Falcon is not particularly impressive, but there was a serendipitous result. In addition to large data warehouse oriented queries, the test fires also 180 OLTP queries, with warm indexes, i.e. after the indexes have been …

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