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XML Article on MySQL DevZone

I’ve written an article highlighting some recent developments with XML support in MySQL 5.1 and MySQL 6.0. Topics include:

  • Outputting MySQL data in XML format; includes a look at the 3rd-party lib_mysqludf_xql library
  • Getting XML into MySQL; includes a discussion of the LOAD XML statement (new in MySQL 6.0)
  • The ExtractValue() and UpdateXML() functions (new in MySQL 5.1)
  • Security issues, including a look at a little nasty known as “XPath injection”

You can read it at the MySQL Developer Zone.

Alexander Barkov contributed a nifty stored procedure and a very helpful pre-publication review. Thanks, Bar!

ISBN 978-1-8479-9168-3

A little over a year since the project to write this book began, the MySQL 5.1 Cluster Certification Study Guide is now at long last available. It covers everything you’ll need to know to pass the Certified MySQL Cluster 5.1 Database Administrator exam, including MySQL Cluster Concepts, Architecture, Configuration, Deployment, NDB Internals basics, High Availability techniques, Security Issues, and more.

(It does not cover MySQL Cluster 5.1 Carrier Grade Edition, for the simple reason that MCCGE features are not part of the official mainline MySQL 5.1 release. However, those features will be part of MySQL 6.0 [yes, MySQL 6.0 is already starting to happen, and there are already some cool new Cluster, Replication, …

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