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How To Reset Password by Email Using PHP7 and MySQLi

You will learn How to recover/reset a forgotten password using PHP and MySQLi in this post. We’ll show you how to use a Forgot Password form to recover your password if you’ve forgotten your username or email. We’ll send a password recovery email to the user after the form is submitted. There are several accounts […]

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References - Still bad in PHP 7

I'm known for telling "Don't use references" (also as video) as those cause different problems (i.e. with foreach) and hurt performance. The reason for the performance loss is that references disable copy-on-write while most places in PHP assume copy-on-write. Meanwhile we have PHP 7. In PHP 7 the internal variable handling changed a lot among other things the reference counting moved from the zval, the container representing a variable, to the actual element. So I decided to run a little test to verify my performance assumption was still valid.

In my test code I'm calling a function which calls strlen (one of the cheapest functions in PHP - PHP strings …

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