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My thoughts on Architecture and Software Development with MySQL

Yesterday I was able to present to the Portland MySQL Users Group two presentations that are important foundations for effective development with MySQL.

Download Architecture Presentation

Download Development Presentation

With 26 years of architectural experience in RDBMS and 16 years of MySQL knowledge, my extensive …

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SQL, ANSI Standards, PostgreSQL and MySQL

I have recently been working with the Donors Choose Open Data Set which happens to be in PostgreSQL. Easy enough to install and load the data in PostgreSQL, however as I live and breath MySQL, lets load the data into MySQL.

And here is where start our discussion, first some history.

SQL History

SQL – Structure Query Language is a well known common language for communicating with Relational Databases (RDBMS). It is not the only language I might add, having both used many years ago and just mentioned QUEL at a Looker Look and Tell event in New York. It …

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