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My thoughts on Architecture and Software Development with MySQL

Yesterday I was able to present to the Portland MySQL Users Group two presentations that are important foundations for effective development with MySQL.

Download Architecture Presentation

Download Development Presentation

With 26 years of architectural experience in RDBMS and 16 years of MySQL knowledge, my extensive …

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Percona Live Presentation: MySQL Security Essentials

The slides for my MySQL Security Essentials presentation at Percona Live 2015 MySQL Conference and Expo are now available.

In this presentation I discuss just how insecure legacy versions of MySQL are and what are the essential requirements for securing your installation on disk, via network and with user privileges. I provide recommendations for how to manage application access for your most important data asset.

Download PDF Presentation

This presentation describes the key security improvements in MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.7 as well as additional features provided in MariaDB 10.0 …

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Translated books in Chinese

I have just received copies of my Effective MySQL series that are available in Chinese. The picture speaks more than words.

An excellent conference (5 out of 5 stars)

I wanted to extend thanks as others have also about the excellent annual MySQL Conference, now a Percona Live event. This was easily the best run, attended and energetic event in at least the past 3 years. With over a 1000 attendees a well stocked exhibitors hall (and good involvement in the hall), and good talks; there was just a great community vibe. To Terry, Kortney and all Percona staff involved, well done. The event ran on time, I personally did not see or hear of any issues. The only complaint was from many that wanted to attend multiple talks at the same time, another indication of the quality of speakers for the event.

Thank you to those that attended my two sessions on Explaining the MySQL Explain and MySQL Idiosyncrasies that BITE. …

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