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Debugging Percona Xtradb (Galera) Cluster node startup / SST errors

A Percona Xtradb (Galera) Cluster node may fail to join it due to many possible mistakes causing SST to fail. It could be a configuration item or purely setup requirement. In this article we will be troubleshooting step by step the SST issues faced.

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Diagnosing SST errors with Percona XtraDB Cluster for MySQL

State Snapshot Transfer (SST) is used in Percona XtraDB Cluster (PXC) when a new node joins the cluster or to resync a failed node if Incremental State Transfer (IST) is no longer available. SST is triggered automatically but there is no magic: If it is not configured properly, it will not work and new nodes will never be able to join the cluster. Let’s have a look at a few classic issues.

Port for SST is not open

The donor and the joiner communicate on port 4444, and if the port is closed on one side, SST will always fail.

You will see in the error log of the donor that SST is started:

141223 16:08:48 [Note] WSREP: Node 2 (node1) requested state transfer from '*any*'. Selected 0 (node3)(SYNCED) as donor.
141223 16:08:48 [Note] WSREP: Shifting SYNCED -> DONOR/DESYNCED (TO: 6)
141223 16:08:48 …
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