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MySQL 5.6 Benchmarks with Haswell CPUs, SSDs and PCIe Flash


The purpose of this test is to benchmark MySQL 5.6 performance on hardware with Haswell CPUs, SSDs and PCIe Flash storage devices.



  • SysBench OLTP workload installed on the database machine
  • MySQL 5.6.24 distribution from Percona
  • jemalloc used for MySQL Server and Sysbench test client
  • Charts are plotted using MySQL Performance Analyzer


  • Data and software on server was wiped out post every test run.
  • Predefined number of tables - 16 or 64
  • Predefined size of rows - 20M per table

Read Only
Read Write
Concurrencies vary from 1 to 512 with incremental increase

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Deleted all comments by accident

I just accidentally deleted all comments made on this blog.

This blog is homegrown and hand-made. It has a very simple spamfilter that catches most spam comments. The few that make it through though, I've been deleting myself using the mysql console.

I tend to write simple queries, ending in: .. AND id = 1234, but today I forgot the id =. I had a backup from October 2008, so some old comments are back now, but I'm still pretty sad.

Lesson from today: make backups! I'm pretty good with things I do for clients, but I tend to not uphold the same standards for my own projects.

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