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Am I missing something?

If you’re on software with a support contract, you should get support, right?

If the software you have support on has a documented feature that’s not working as documented, then you would expect to get a fix, a workaround, or even perhaps an explanation to the effect that you misunderstood the documentation in the first place, and the feature in fact does something else. Correct?

And if the feature in question is a customization facility, then you wouldn’t expect support on the customization itself, but you would expect the customization interface to work as documented, right?

So in summary, if you ran into an issue with a customization interface not working as the documentation says, you’d expect support to fix the interface, suggest a workaround, or provide additional documentation?

Well, I would.

SugarCRM appears to see things …

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We’re in!

DRBD has entered a new phase. After being developed out of tree for 9 years, and after an extended review and streamlining phase since March, Phil submitted DRBD to be merged into 2.6.32 release of the Linux mainline kernel. The submission was accepted by block layer maintainer Jens Axboe, who merged DRBD in September, then deferred to the 2.6.33 merge window, and this morning Linus

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DRBD+ is going open source!

Today is an exciting day for us. We have announced that with the upcoming DRBD 8.3 release (currently scheduled for the end of this year), all those features that are currently commercially licensed in our DRBD+ add on will be merged into the GPL DRBD main source tree. That means that stacked device support, huge device support (larger than 4TB per device), and checksum-based resync are all coming to DRBD.

Is this something that we haven’t done before? No it’s not. We have, in the past, repeatedly merged DRBD+ features into DRBD. We have not, however, done so previously on this scale. That is new.

How will this affect our customers and users?

  • First of all, if there ever was any relevant functionality gap between proprietary …
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Two days of great fun at work

You know, normally I use this blog for posting thoughts primarily focused on technical aspects of DRBD, Linux, HA solutions, or (normally) a combination of all three. This one is an exception.

These past couple of days I had the pleasure of doing a DRBD/Linux-HA training with 6 Sales and Professional Services MySQLers. And like just about anyone I’ve met from MySQL up to this point, without exception each and every one of them was smart, professional, open-minded, and generally fun to be around. I greatly enjoyed my past two work days. If you reading this post happen to be one of those 6 guys, thank you very much.

And the nice part about the company I work for is that highly productive and fun days at work like these are the norm, rather than the exception.

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