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Faster Database Comparison with MySQL Utilities 1.4.3 GA

In the latest release of MySQL Utilities 1.4.3 GA, the performance of the mysqldbcompare utility has been considerably improved along with some bug fixes. This blog briefly explains some of the improvements that were made and shows evidence of the increased performance of database comparison.

  • A new step was added to the data consistency check. It now executes a full table checksum, which is faster when no differences are expected. The algorithm to find row differences is only executed if this preliminary table
    checksum fails.
  • A new --skip-checksum-table option was added to skip this new step should you wish to (when you know there are differences it saves a bit of time).
  • The current algorithm to find row differences was optimized to internally store and access the generated hash values.

What follows are some examples comparing the world database with …

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