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Using your FRM file to get Schema and then import idb files..

 This is a topic that overall you never should have to do... Why? Because you created backups right... You have tested and know the backups work so you can just restore those backups and get your lost schema and related data... 

However that one instance in the corner office.. you never got around to setting up.. it not that important... just crashed and now you realize how you actually do use it... 

All is not lost..  

MySQL released their MySQL utilities awhile back and since been replaced more with the MySQL Shell.  

mysqlfrm is still very handy though when needing to pull out the schema from an …

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How to recover table structure from .frm files with MySQL Utilities

Table structures are stored in .frm files and in the InnoDB Data Dictionary. Sometimes, usually in data recovery issues, we need to recover those structures to be able to find the lost data or just to recreate the tables.

There are different ways to do it and we’ve already written about it in this blog. For example, we can use the data recovery tools to recover table structures from InnoDB Dictionary or from the .frm files using a MySQL Server. This blog post will be an update of that last one. I will show you how to easily recover the structure from a .frm file and in some cases even …

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