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Another awesome Conference: IT-Tage 2016

Ahoi,There will be the IT-Tage 2016 conference. Where I'm going to give two talks. One will be about Docker being more then a technical revolution. The other one is about Best Practices for Docker+MySQL/MariaDB \o/
As always: fun first! Erkan

Proposals Percona Live 2016

Ahoi, I made three proposals for Percona Live. (Even I know being a lonely (sniff) freelancer with no backup).  At least I'm for sure an early adopter about the three topics I submitted and know for sure what I'm talking about *g*   

Even being Puppet certified. Ansible is my love. Never been that fast in doing automation \o/

This is a tutorial about Docker and Galera/MySQL. 

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FOSDEM 2015: Docker and MySQL (Fun and bad practice)

There will be a MySQL & Friends Devroom at the FOSDEM 2015 this year.And surprisingly my talk - not sure you can call 15 min a talk  - had been accepted. (There are other accepted talks of course.) 
It will be a dense talk about Docker/MySQL/Galera :)
We are (at least me) are going to have fun \o/ Erkan
I hope there will be an official announcement too.  

My talks about MySQL, Galera and LXC (and friends) [UPDATE]

Im giving some talks this year:

MySQL Hochverfügbar mit Galera

Location: FrOSCon

About: Learn about Galera and deploy it using LXC and Ansible

LBaaS-Loadbalancer as a Service

Place: GUUG Frühjahrsgespräche

Topic: It is a workshop ( together with Jan Walzer and Jörg Jungermann). We are going to show how to use LXC to provide slim loadbalancers.

Medley der Containertechniken

Place: GUUG Frühjahrsgespräche

Topic: Learn about all the basic techniques vanilla based Container technology uses/shares (Namespaces, Cgroups und Chroot). Have a look at some of them (LXC, Libvrit, systemd-nspawn and Docker)

MySQL Replikation: Von den Anfängen in die Zukunft

Place: DOAG 2014

Topic: Learn about the past and the future of MySQL (and MariaDB) replication.

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Talks first half of this year

I would like to give you an overview regarding all my talks till june.

  • MySQL@Ceph (Ceph Day Frankfurt ./. 27.02.2014)
    Yes you missed that already :)
  • MySQL: PerformanceSchema (DOAG SIG - MySQL ./. 27.03.2014)
  • Galera Cluster für MySQL (DOAG SIG - MySQL ./. 27.03.2014)
  • Docker++ ./. Containervirtualisierung von Applikationen mit Merhwert (Linuxtag ./. 08.05.2014)
  • Docker: Not even a Hypervisor (Containers for OpenStack) (Linuxtag ./. 09.05.2014
  • Docker: LXC Applikationskontainer für jedermann (SLAC ./. 13.05.2014)

There is also a training about LXC and “newer” Linuxfeatures (Systemd, Upstart, Namespaces..) im giving at the Linuxhotal early may.

Viel Spaß :)


Talks at DOAG 2013

Ahoi,Attending DOAG 2013 next week, Im going to give two talks (Applikationsvirtualisierung mit LXC and MySQL Replikation).Also Im invited to attend a MySQL Expert Panel, where you can let a bunch of MySQL Experts discuss your questions ;)DOAG is afaik the biggest Oracle Event (and even not driven by Oracle) in Europe.A good place to have nice discussions and learn a lot of new stuff :)
Hope to see youErkan Yanar

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