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What SQL is running in MySQL

Using the MySQL 5.6 Performance Schema it is very easy to see what is actually running on your MySQL instance. No more sampling or installing software or worrying about disk I/O performance with techniques like SHOW PROCESSLIST, enabling the general query log or sniffing the TCP/IP stack.

The following SQL is used to give me a quick 60 second view on a running MySQL system of ALL statements executed.

use performance_schema;
update setup_consumers set enabled='YES' where name IN ('events_statements_history','events_statements_current','statements_digest');
truncate table events_statements_current; truncate table events_statements_history; truncate table events_statements_summary_by_digest;
do sleep(60);
select now(),(count_star/(select sum(count_star) FROM events_statements_summary_by_digest) * 100) as pct, count_star, left(digest_text,150) as stmt, digest from events_statements_summary_by_digest order by 2 desc;
update setup_consumers set …
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