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MariaDB Enterprise 1.0 is Here

I know it was officially announced Monday, but I just wanted to take a moment and let everyone know MariaDB Enterprise 1.0 is now available, in case you missed the previous article.

What does MariaDB Enterprise consist of?

“MariaDB Enterprise is composed of several components including MariaDB Manager, which is a set of management tools and an API with which you can easily provision, monitor, and manage a highly available MariaDB Galera Cluster for multi-master, synchronous replication. Galera is a powerful technology that can eliminate single points of failure for your database infrastructure, but it is relatively new and can be a challenge to configure for administrators who aren’t familiar with it.” Enterprise – Getting Started …

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Introducing the SkySQL™ Recovery Manager

Today at OSCON, SkySQL will introduce the SkySQL™ Recovery Manager.  Powered by Zmanda, the SkySQL™ Recovery Manager is the most advanced backup and recovery solution for the MySQL® database.  SkySQL’s solution makes life easier for any database administrator in need of a robust, yet flexible and easy to use backup and recovery manager.

With SkysQL Recovery Manager, you will be able to:

  • Perform flexible backups
  • Provide continuous data protection for you MySQL databases
  • Backup live MySQL databases without affecting users or applications
  • Perform one-click point-in-time recovery
  • Centralize global backup management
  • Perform fast backups of MySQL databases running in Amazon EC2®
  • Maximize data security
  • Monitor backup and recovery functions with automated alerts and reports
  • Rapidly deploy your backup and recovery …
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Congratulations to Monty Program on its Beta Release of MariaDB 5.3!

The primary objective of this release was to radically improve performance for subqueries, as well as for joins and single-table queries over large data sets. The MariaDB 5.3 release is based on MariaDB 5.2 (and therefor, MariaDB 5.1 & MySQL 5.1).

Noteworthy improvements in this release include:

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