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Extra fun at the MySQL Conference and Expo 2008

  With the Sun acquisition, MySQL becomes part of a bigger company. Some beneficial effects will be felt at the MySQL Users Conference. There will be a passport giveaway program, which is basically a prize drawing with minimal effort from attendees.

MySQL Conference & Expo attendees will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for cool prizes by having an expo hall passport brochure stamped at each participating sponsor and exhibitor booth.
Once attendees have obtained all “stamps” they will be entered into the drawing and eligible to win one of several prizes.

And …

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IRC session with Bob Brewin - Wed, March 12 - 9am PDT - 5pm CET

The last leg of the IRC world tour meetup was initially scheduled for last week, but it had to be changed for technical reasons. The rescheduled time was announced last week, but nobody took into account the Daylight Saving Time, which starts on March 9 in the USA, and on March 30 in Europe. Consequently, the announced Pacific time is right, but the European time is not. So, let’s remind what it is:
The IRC meeting with Bob Brewin will take place on Wednesday, March 12, at 9am PDT, 5pm CET.
For those of you who still live in a single time zone, this timetable can be helpful.

IRC session with Simon Phipps - March 6 at 14:00 UTC - 15:00 CET

As Kaj announced a few days ago, there is a IRC session with Simon Phipps scheduled for March 6, at 14:00 UTC, 15:00 CET.
Don’t miss it. It’s a great occasion to ask questions, and to chat to a bunch of gurus in the same room, all at once in true URC tradition.
The IRC meeting with Bob Brewin has been rescheduled to Wednesday, March 12, at 17:00 UTC, 18:00 CET.

Spring cleaning in MySQL supported platforms

The MySQL Lifecycle Policy determines which versions are actively supported, and for which platforms such support applies.
The basic principle is that old versions are supported for a quite long, but definitely limited period, once they have been replaced by a newer GA version. For example, since the introduction of this policy, MySQL 3.23 and 4.0 have been retired.
The policy contains also provisions for a different kind of End of Life dismissal. When support for certain platforms has been discontinued by their vendors, of the platform is not widely used, MySQL reserves the right to stop building binaries and testing code on such obsolete platforms.
The reason is simple. While hardware can be bought and stored, time is a commodity in short supply, and there is only a given amount of time that our engineers can devote to testing and supporting multiple …

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Tutorial and session at MySQL Users Conference 2008

Well, it’s that time of the year once more. The time when someone starts planning for the Users Conference, having received an acceptance notice of a session proposal. This year it came earlier than usual, because the CfP was started one month earlier, and thus we have a list of tutorials ready before Christmas.

So, let me do some advertising.
I am going to co-present a full day tutorial with Jan Kneschke. MySQL Proxy, the complete tutorial which will cover all about MySQL Proxy, and it will guide users to the creation of Lua scripts. When I proposed it, Jay asked me and Jan if we have enough material to cover 6 hours. After having been in three presentations on this subject, I’d rather ask myself if I can manage to cover all we know (and all that Jan’s volcanic production is …

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