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How to Back Up Selected MySQL Databases

I recently had to do a backup of a 30 very large databases within a MySQL instance that had a total of 60+ databases.  I did NOT want to back up the other databases. In fact, the other databases had very large tables in them and I had very little disk space, so I could not afford to back them up. In this post I will share what I learned.

I’ve simplified the problem to illustrate the idea.  My goal in this post is to backup one database when an instance has many, with mixed InnoDB and MyIsam tables.

  • I have 3 databases called dbtest1, dbtest2, and dbtest3, in one instance of MySQL .  I only want to back up  the tables in database dbtest2

  • Each database has one InnoDB and one MyISAM table
  • The InnoDB tables are quite large, and I have limited disk space …
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