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How to Install MySQL on Windows Using MySQL Installer

The article provides a comprehensive walkthrough outlining the aspects of how to install MySQL Server on Windows using MySQL Installer. Learn the subtleties of the MySQL installation process step-by-step to ensure you have MySQL Server together with its tools running smoothly. Download MySQL Installer The most convenient way to install and set up MySQL Server […]

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Installing MySQL 5.7.1 (Milestone Release) on Windows 7

I wanted install MySQL 5.7.1 (1st Milestone Release) on Windows 7 and test it out a bit, so I did, and since things didn’t go as smooth as expected, I thought I’d share my experience, in case anyone else runs into the same issues.

I downloaded the .msi (mysql-5.7.1-m11-winx64.msi) from (then click the “Developmental Releases” tab) and installed it following the prompts. That seemed to complete fine, which was great. However, that was it – and not in a good way. I mean, the “installer” basically only unpacked the files to a location.

I was expecting the “configuration” tool to run, but it didn’t. It was not installed, and not an option.

I quickly read through the 5.7.1 changelog and found the config tool is not part of the .msi anymore. You must now use the “MySQL Installer” if you want to …

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Using MySQL for Excel

I recently had a need to import a bunch of data into MySQL, and for reasons I won’t get into here, LOAD DATA INFILE wasn’t working for me.  I was in a hurry to get the data into MySQL so that I could filter it, and didn’t have time to work through my LOAD DATA INFILE issues.  Looking around for another way to quickly get my tab-delimited data into MySQL quickly, I decided to use the MySQL for Excel plugin.  If you haven’t seen this yet, and you have Excel, it might be worth your while.

In my case, I was able to quickly copy and paste the tab-delimited text file into an Excel spreadsheet, connect MySQL for Excel to the MySQL database and append the data to the existing table.  You’ll need to have Excel, MySQL and the MySQL for Excel plugin.  The latter two can be installed from a single download using the …

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Bye-bye .MSI (Hello MySQL Installer)

Windows users of MySQL may find something missing when they first download MySQL 5.6.6.  The .MSI package of MySQL for Windows has been eliminated in favor of the MySQL Installer for Windows.  You can still download MySQL in .ZIP format (as well as a source code .ZIP for the GPL-licensed Community edition), but the quickest way to get running MySQL on Windows is the MySQL Installer.  You can download the version of MySQL Installer that includes MySQL 5.6.6 on

The MySQL Installer has a number of improvements over the old .MSI installer and configuration wizard.  Running the 5.6.6 installer on my machine, it detected that ports 3306 and 3307 were already used by other MySQL installations, and suggested port 3308 for the new installation.  It also recognized conflicts with existing Windows service names, and suggests …

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