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Formatting SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS outputs when “\n” are embedded as Text

Lately I’ve received a number of SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS outputs with embedded “\n” characters appearing as text, but not true line breaks.

Of course this makes reading a long, INNODB STATUS nearly impossible.

With Linux, you can more easily fix this using sed or awk (or if you have those on Windows w/ gnu or cygwin or the like).

I didn’t have either handy, nor a fancy editor (just using WordPad), but I did have a hex editor handy (necessary for such cases as this).

In the hex editor (I use Freeware Hex Editor XVI32 for Windows), fixing this took about 2 seconds.

I just replaced:

5C6E <-- which is the text "\n"


0D0A <-- which is the true carriage return/newline

I …

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