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Collaborate 2012 – Day 4

Last day of Collaborate 2012 and Scott Spendolini, Sumneva, gave a great presentation on APEX. Only caught the beginning Jan Visser’s Perl presentation because of the distance to the Luxor from the Mandalay South Conference Center and anticipated queuing time for checkout.

We can now look forward to Collaborate 2013 in Denver, Colorado.

Back to observing and working with code, here’s a nice article from MacWorld on how you set up a WebDAV on the Mac. While I’m mentioning Mac OS X and development, there’s still no firm upgrade window for the missing text editing tool – TextMate, and WWDC 2012 tickets sold …

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Collaborate 2012 – Day 3

Virtualization is important and Dave Welch from the House of Brick gave a great presentation of experiences with VMWare and Tier 1 databases. It was a comprehensive presentation, but the white paper was easier to follow. The slides were complete but the volume of information was a lot for an hour presentation. Well worth the time though.

Utah Oracle User Group (UTOUG) announced a call for Fall Symposium papers today. The Fall Symposium will be in Salt Lake City on 9/6/2012. If you’re interested in presenting on Oracle or MySQL, the call for presentations will be open until 6/15/2012.

The conference party was tonight, and it provided some nice orderves and pizza. The theme was a return to 1980s music, and …

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Collaborate 2012 – Day 2

It seems the Titanic is everywhere, even inside the pyramid of the Luxor hotel. While the Luxor is within the Mandalay Bay complex, it’s about a half mile walk to the conference and a half mile back. We go by the Mandalay Conference Center’s aquarium. We thought it might be interesting but at $18 an admission, we opted to pass on it. It’s amazing to have an aquarium in the desert, but it’s probably not as nice as the Monterey Bay aquarium.

It was interesting to start the day listening to Rich Niemiec on partitioning tables and using Exadata in Oracle. The NoSQL (Not Only SQL) presentations were interesting, as was the upgrading of Oracle 11gR2 in an E-Business Suite environment presentation. Then, I finished the day with what’s new with the Oracle VM Server.

Checking out the exhibit hall I managed to get a signed copy …

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Collaborate 2012 – Day 1

Collaborate 2012 started on Sunday but for me I began on Monday. I enjoyed Bob Burgess, SalesForce, presentation on shell scripting for MySQL Administration today. It preceded my presentation in the same room, which I thought was an interesting coincidence since we got our conference credentials together.

I presented on portable SQL between Oracle and MySQL. The presentation went well. Before I took questions, I got to ask them because I had three copies of my new Oracle Press book to give away: Oracle Database 11g and MySQL 5.6 Developer Handbook. Handing out the books served as a nice ice breaker for the audience to ask questions about the presentation.

My favorite …

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