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The Four Security Layers of a Web Environment

Is your web environment secure? All of it?

Many people believe that if they’ve installed a network firewall, they’ve done their duty. They think that a firewall is like a strong barrier or moat protecting their information assets and that no more is needed. Wrong! Just as in times of old, tunnels can be dug under the moat, ladders can be used to scale the wall, and secret passageways can be found into the castle.

A web environment has four layers that need protection: the Network level, the Application level, the Operating System level and the Database level. Most people think of these layers as being one within the other, like concentric circles. They reason that if they protect the outermost level, the inner levels are automatically protected.

“That is simply not so!” explains David Maman, CTO of GreenSQL. “Hackers can attack a Web environment at each level independently, and security issues at each level need …

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